Wednesday, April 29, 2015


The Ocean wherein born and brought up

            Carried over land packed in,

      For the journey long adaptive changes  with,

            To feed on green terrestrials.

      Monitored by sun, green, aerated water fresh,

            To thrive with myriad entities,

     Together with offsprings of the bountiful Mother Earth,

            Butchered by the youngest dreaded,

     Breaking down habitat fragile to live in,

           Self claimed Monarch of all.

    For the fresh swallowed with he contaminated,

          For the fresh inhaled polluted,

   For heavenly home together with brethren destroyed,

         Buried all underneath rock sterile.

 Obeisance to the Absolute Energy the Omnipotent,

        To help rejuvenate the Devine Habitat.

 Emitted from the Absolute Energy with a Big Bang, the Universe of a swarm of Galaxies came into being. The Universe is dynamic but in harmonious infinite diversity. It is "the Perfect"; Subtraction,addition or any sort of changes in it shall not affect the whole.The cymbal shaped Milky Way, our galaxy of approximately 200 billion stars is rotating round its axis at about the speed of  200 million miles per second. The Sun, our star in the Milky way and planets around it form a system. One of its planets, Our Mother Earth is bestowed with conditions to form and support Life hence called The Living Planet.

     Preceded with fire ball, solidified celestial fragments, collision and coalition of them, the Mother Earth took birth billions of year ago. Passing through a long course of evolution she became what she is today. Life on her appeared, approximately 4.5 billion years ago, in the then shallow and warm life soup with tremendous photo-association and photo-dissociation chemical reactions at the impact of powerful solar energy on earthly materials. Unprotected with Ozone Jacket in the outer atmospheric layer and protected from radiant magnetic field emitted from electro magnetic storms of solar flare with the Earth's own magnetic field, Life on the Mother Earth came into existence entirely by chance. So Life is a complex combination of chemical compounds but with three manifestations :

                          1. Energy Re-Conversion: Capability of trapping and converting solar energy into Biological                                                                                   Energy.
                          2. Adaptation:  Capability of adjustment to the ever changing surrounding provided the very                                                               change is not instantaneous and is within adaptive range of biological entities.

                          3. Reproduction: Capability of transferring the adapted characters to the offsprings through the                                                           process of reproduction-- "the species begets the species".

     Starting with the simplest of the simple forms, life came on the land in the form of a sac of ocean water ( Example, plus 60 percent of the body of mankind is saline water ) . Adapted to ever changing Mother Earth, Life has been evolving to the climaxes of two kingdoms-- the Angiosperms, especially the flowering and fruit giving ones, of the plant kingdom and the Mammals of the animal kingdom under which the mankind is. The animal cannot trap the solar energy and therefore is solely dependent on the plant for energy in the  form of food, manufactured by Autophytic ones (capable of manufacturing ones own food) through photosynthesis and in the process oxygen is produced as a byproduct, and it is used for respiration to pump the flow of energy in the medium of body fluid. Hence, the energy that runs the biological world on the earth is alien and, not at all, belonging to the Mother Earth.

   Plants and other animals are taking care of mankind and in turn mankind is destroying them. Were the Mother Earth to start her birth and evolution from the very beginning she will never be what she is today because the chances never repeat alike in the dynamic Universe. The present Environment of the Mother Earth has never been like this in her long history of evolution and it will not be the same in years to come. Now, She and her kids are protected well from the dreaded UV Rays of the Sun with Ozone Jacket, formed high in the outer atmospheric layer, out of free oxygen liberated by Phytochromic organisms (plants having pigments capable of trapping solar energy) living inside the water and on the land as well. These are the plants which produce food for in the Seven Billion directly or indirectly.


    Dynamism and harmonious infinite diversity are the nature of the Universe.

    For the misdeed of Man, our kind, polluting the three states of water, contaminating the atmosphere of the biosphere, slaughtering his kins beyond regenerating capability, destroying his photosynthetic protectors and what not in his surrounding that he belongs to, he, along with other life forms, will get buried themselves underneath the sterile skin of the Mother Earth.

  May the Scientists be ignited, with the bliss of the Absolute Energy, to discover the fabrics of nature and the mind of the masses be exited to help save the Mother Earth.

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